I started webonaire many years ago when I was learning linux and playing around with web servers and hosting. The name is a play on debonaire, with the intention of communicating some sort of skill or sophistication with the World Wide Web. Get it?

The domain name has sat, unused, for more years than I care to admit. Rather than let it go to waste, I decided to resurrect it to write about my hobbies and interests. These include music, vinyl records, vintage stereo equipment, and privacy.

The site is powered by Bludit, a databaseless CMS. I may eventually migrate it to a static, flat-file site, which will be possible because all of the content is stored in plain text Markdown files. The theme I'm using is called Moran, but the CSS and design is all my own fault; I mainly used the theme to get a decent blog skeleton that I could tweak. Inspiration comes from Motherfucking Website (and all its derivitives) and the Hypertext theme for Grav.

I am mostly interested in delivering a fast site that doesn't track visitors. The general test I use is whether the site will work with uBlock Origin in medium mode, which is how I roll. The site passes, with the exception of...

Visitor comments are provided by Hyvor Talk, which was the most privacy-friendly option I could find. It's not perfect, but it's tolerable.

Be sure to visit often for some sophisticated World Wide Web shit.