I am an idiot.

I have been looking for a way to support my record buying habit, and I came up with the great idea of trying to buy entire collections and then sell off the albums I don't want. I know this is fraught with challenges, the primary one being time. Assuming I can find buyers, I have to wait for them to find me, and I've tied up cash I could otherwise use to buy records I actually want.

Ignoring the warning bells going off in my head, I went ahead and placed an ad on Craigslist. But as I was browsing the listing section (CDs, DVDs etc.), I came across an ad from someone selling a ton of CDs. They were priced reasonably, which is what caught my eye; usually, people selling collections think they can get full market price for every item. I ignored the new warning bells and replied to the ad. The next thing I know, I'm driving 45 minutes to check out the CDs.

I know "ton" is often used for hyperbole, but in this case, it just might be accurate. The CDs were in boxes of 50 each, stacked about five feet high and six feet wide and deep. I learned that this guy had bought the inventory of a guy who ran an Amazon web store. He said he had over 30,000 CDs to start, and had already gone through some but didn't have the time or inclination to go through the rest.

I asked if he would mind if I took some time to look through a few boxes to see what was there as I really didn't want to buy a bunch of religious, country, Christmas, and musicals. There was a little bit of that, but it wasn't all that.

It became overwhelming to contemplate the stacked boxes. I looked through a few, but there's no way I could even get to the middle of one side of the stack. At some point I decided I could probably resell some of them and at least make my money back, and that was that.

They seller set a minimum buy of 2,000 CDs and didn't want to do increments less than 1,000. I ended up buying the minimum, which barely fit in my car.

So now I have to go through 2,000 CDs and figure out what to do with them.

Wanna buy a CD?